William Hill Casino Blackjack Games

Blackjack games

The blackjack games available at William Hill Casino are flash-based games, rather than the live blackjack available at William Hill Vegas. There are four main blackjack games available; standard blackjack is of course the most popular and straightforward version of the game and William Hill Casino has put together a very good flash version.

Flash Blackjack

They also have a less conventional form of flash blackjack which is called Blackjack Switch; in this version, you are dealt two hands and are able to switch cards from one hand to the other, meaning there is a lot more skill necessary to make full use of these different rules.

Blackjack Surrender

Next, William Hill has Blackjack Surrender; in this version you are able to surrender half of your bet after the dealer has checked for blackjack. This is a form of insurance available in many more standard blackjack games, and may well be a good choice for new players.

Blackjack Pantoon

Finally, William Hill Casino has the very British, Pontoon. This game has been added almost exclusively for British players and is a variation on the standard blackjack rules. Both of the dealer’s cards remain face down in this version and it is certainly an option for players who want a blackjack game with a little bit of a difference.

Other William Hill Casino Games

Aside from blackjack games, William Hill Casino also has three different types of roulette, and card games such as Sic Bo, Craps and Baccarat. These are all flash versions and have been nicely put together to present a smooth and good-looking gaming experience. There are also classic slots games available, as well as a variety of different casino poker games such as Texas hold ‘em, Pai Gow and Caribbean Stud. Video poker and Keno are also among their most popular games on offer.

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William Hill Casino Deals & Bonuses


William Hill Casino certainly has the clout to offer some very good bonuses and promotions.

150% first deposit bonus up of £150

First of all, all new players will receive a 150% bonus up to a maximum of £150. What's more, the more you deposit, the more you will receive in bonus money; for example if you deposit £500, you will get £350 free. Deposit £1000, and you will receive a £500 back; depositing £3000 will see you receive an additional £1000 on top. These are certainly very generous live casino bonuses and can go a long way to giving you a lot of extra money to play with.

60% bonus on your second deposit!

At William Hill Casino, the house will also give you a 60% bonus on your second deposit. This casino promotion applies to a second deposit of up to £500 and therefore could bolster your account by up to £300. Also, during the first year you are a registered player with William Hill Casino, you will receive a 20% match bonus on the first deposit of every month. As with all William Hill Casino promotions, there is a minimum £35 deposit to receive this bonus, but this is certainly another way of receiving extra funds.

Refer a friend for £100

As if these William Hill Casino promotions were not enough, players can also receive 10 to 15% on every deposit depending on which payment method they use. Referring a friend is also very profitable with £100 available for each successful referral.

VIP comp points

Finally, William Hill operates a VIP membership system combined with a comp points scheme. The more you play at William Hill Casino, the higher your VIP level will go, and therefore, the more cashback you can get from collecting comp points every time you play.

As you can see, William Hill Casino certainly knows how to offer excellent bonuses and promotions, and all of these are available to new players, simply by following one of our links and registering.

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