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Titan Casino really has tried to make its live blackjack game as realistic and exciting as possible.

Live Blackjack in HD

The streaming video you receive whilst playing live blackjack at Titan Casino is of HD quality and presents the very image of a chic casino atmosphere. All of the live dealers are very friendly and glamorous, and also do an excellent job of running a tight blackjack game. There are lots of different tables to choose from, and with Playtech software, the games run very smoothly and all of the action is flawlessly streamed back to you.

9 different varieties of Online Blackjack games

For a more conventional online blackjack game, there are 9 different varieties to choose from. Of course, there is a standard blackjack game available, but also multi-hand games where you can have three or five hands on the go at once. There are also two different progressive jackpot blackjack games to play - one simply called Progressive Blackjack, the other is called Stravaganza and has a very glitzy style of gameplay.

The list goes on...

As well as these blackjack games from Titan Casino, you can also play Perfect Blackjack, which pays 3 to 2, 21 Dual Blackjack which has a variety on the usual rules, Blackjack Multiplayer, Blackjack Surrender and Blackjack Switch. All of these different options mean that you can play a different kind of blackjack whenever you like, and each has its own charm.

Other Titan Casino Games

With over 300 different games to choose from, when you fancy taking a break from blackjack, you are certainly not short of options. The other live dealer games available are Baccarat and roulette, with a VIP roulette game available for big spenders. Other flash games include slot machines, arcade games, different types of poker including video poker, progressive jackpot games and movie themed games like Fantastic Four and Gladiator. Titan Casino also has a number of roulette TV games.

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Titan Casino Deals & Bonuses


One of the first things to strike you when visiting the Titan Casino website is their advertisement for a £4000 welcome bonus.

A huge £4000 worth of deposit bonuses!

Even with blackjack casinos constantly trying to offer better promotions than each other, a figure such as this certainly catches the eye. Although, as you may expect, this £4000 welcome bonus is not to be received all in one go, it is still theoretically obtainable over the course of six months. Initially, new players will receive a 100% bonus up to £200, based on a 100% matched deposit bonus. This is an excellent way to get going, and is only the beginning of Titan Casino bonuses.

26 weekly deposit bonuses of up too 100%!

After this initial first deposit bonus, players are entitled to six monthly bonuses of up to £200 each. Again, this is a 100% matched deposit bonus and can total £1200 over that period of time. On top of this, Titan Casino also offers 26 weekly deposit bonuses of 100%, up to a total of £100 each. This means that in total, making the maximum deposit each time, a player at Titan Casino really can receive £4000 worth of free chips in just six months.

Even if you are one of the majority of players who will not make all of these deposits, you will still be receiving an excellent bonus virtually every time you make a deposit for six months. This really is a live casino promotion which is hard to beat.

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