Castle Casino Blackjack Games

Blackjack Casinos

Certainly the focus of blackjack at Castle Casino is on their live blackjack games. With more than 16 dealers available 24 hours a day, you will certainly not find a lack of action or entertainment.

Live Blackjack

The live blackjack set up at Castle Casino is very smooth and professional, and the live dealers are among the most personable and friendly in the business. Castle Casino uses the most up-to-date casino technology available to bring a very smooth and reliable live blackjack experience to their players. The interaction you can have with your live blackjack dealer is a lot of fun, and everything is streamed back to you flawlessly.

Flash Blackjack

Players with more of a taste for old-fashioned online blackjack can choose to play a flash version. This is certainly a more classic way of playing, and the flash blackjack available at Castle Casino is also very good. Either way, you can literally be playing online blackjack in a matter of minutes, simply by signing up, making a deposit and sitting at a table.

And many more...

However, Castle Casino is not just a blackjack casino; it also has a comprehensive array of other games available. The other two big casino games, roulette and Baccarat, are also available both in live and flash versions. Again, with live roulette and live Baccarat, the live dealers are incredibly friendly and helpful, and the interaction you can have is a large part of the fun. Castle Casino also has fantastic online slots, revolutionary 3D games, and a brilliant selection of video poker games to play. There really is something for everyone at Castle Casino.

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Castle Casino Deals & Bonuses


The main blackjack promotion available at Castle Casino is a very generous 100% first deposit bonus up to a value of £100.

100% 1st deposit bonus up too £100

After the very quick and easy registration process, when you make your first deposit, Castle Casino will match that deposit up to £100, giving you twice as much bankroll to play with from the very beginning.

Friday Frenzy

But that is not the only Castle Casino bonus available; every Friday you can receive another 25% re-deposit bonus, simply because it's the start of the weekend. This bonus applies to all deposits you make on Friday up to a value of £400, meaning you could benefit from an extra £100 every Friday.

Get £5 free for liking the on Facebook or Twitter

Social media is everything nowadays, and simply by following Castle Casino on Twitter or liking their Facebook page, the house will give you £5 to play with, with no deposit necessary. Another excellent Castle Casino promotion is a £30 ‘refer a friend’ bonus. Simply by recommending the site to one of your friends, when they register at Castle Casino, you will receive a £30 bonus into your account. All of these excellent bonuses are available simply by following one of our links to the site and registering with Castle Casino.

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